👰 Wedding Day Highlights

Adrienne & Mike

 Deroche, BC

✨ Lets take a magical trip back In time...✨ When the weather was just as warm and cozy as the vibes at Adrienne and Mike's Wedding!

Dirk + Jenna

 Houston, BC

It's something special when you film your brother's wedding ✨🎉

Seth and Leanne

 Langley, BC

What a day! Grab the popcorn to watch this most recent edit! Talk about a wedding party that had no problems being infront of a camera. Sometimes they got a little too comfortable 😂

Travis & Dalia

 Calgary, AB

For this wedding I travelled out to Alberta to film some great friends of mine say "I do".
By far, this film was my favourite to edit! 🙌
I have a soft spot for classic cars, cute tottlers, and great food!

Kris & Katelyn

 Aldergrove & Chilliwack, BC

This wedding was an interesting one.
Seeing as I did no filming because i was in the wedding party! Big thanks to Derek @dskphotographydesign for helping out with filming!
🍿 Sit back, relax, and watch yet another Evolve Digital Wedding Edit!

Jacky & Jan

 Aldergrove & Chilliwack, BC

Mondays get a bad rap.
A wedding on a Monday though is awesome!
Watch this throw back to the august long weekend!
Jacky and Jan, may God continue to guide you and be your sole reliance in the days ahead! Your love for each other and Him is so evident!

Evan & Corinna

 Langley, BC

Weddings are by far my favorite as you get to spend a whole day with awesome people like Evan and Corinna! Their love for God and each other definitely shines through in many ways!
So sit back, and grab some popcorn 🍿 and follow along on the 8 and a half minute film!

Jamie & Marieke

 Langley, BC

Something about these small weddings makes them unique!
I am so thankful to Jamie and Marieke for inviting me to join their family and close friends for a day!

It is my prayer that this video can bring a piece of the day to those close friends and family who couldn't make it.

Ally & Chris

 Cloverdale, BC

What an incredible wedding day!
It was sooo much fun following Allyson and Chris around for the day. Even with many restrictions, the wedding went ahead! One of the bridesmaid's had to video call in! Very interesting times indeed! Congrats Ally and Chris!!

Alexis & Ryan

 Chilliwack, BC

Its a Thursday afternoon. Worries about COVID-19 are everywhere. My phone rings. The last thing on my mind was what I was doing that weekend, but Alexis wanted to know if I could squeeze their wedding in last minute and capture their special day for the many friends and relatives that couldn't make it due to health precautions.

I said "let's do it!"

Best decision. Ever! Alexis and Ryan's friends and family were a pleasure to work with. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face while editing their videos! I got so caught up in the moments I was surprised to get back to my home studio to be staring at 2 hours and 40 minutes of bulk footage!
Sorting my way down through all the highlights, I created this ultimate video highlight reel. Hope you enjoy!
I know I enjoyed every moment with these two and wish them well for the future!

Austin & Savannah

 Langley, BC

It was a pleasure to follow Austin and Savannah Vandeburgt on their big day!

Video captures so much more raw emotions than a picture can ever tell. A photo may tell a thousand words; yet film brings you and back moments worth cherishing for a lifetime.

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